What Can You Expect When Hiring Me As Your Birth Doula?


Free Consultation

We will meet at your home, at a cafe over coffee (or tea), wherever you prefer, no obligation required. Just simply to get to know each other; you may ask any me any questions about my services, background etc. We will also review the fee schedule and documentation required to hire me as your birth doula. You will leave this consultation with a folder of information to review.

2-3 Prenatal Meetings

These meetings usually take place in your home, or any environment you’re comfortable in. The first meeting we can go over in depth how your pregnancy is going, what your preferences are, how you envision your birth to go. We can discuss your expectations of me as you doula, as well as the process of labor and birth. I will teach breastfeeding techniques and what to expect. We can create a birth plan for you; medications you would like, or wouldn’t like, if you would like to try different labor positions, or relaxation and visualization techniques. At this meeting, we will also sign the contract.

The second meeting will be more of a hands on approach to labor positions, and comforting techniques. This meeting usually takes place 3-4 weeks prior to your due date. Depending on what was discussed at the first meeting is what I will further explain, this is the time for me to learn what works best for you, and show you the tools I’ve been trained in comfort techniques. We can practice the different techniques so you are comfortable with them during labor. We will review your birth plan again, making sure you feel comfortable with it. Your birth partner can be present, and involved at this meeting as well.

Optional third meeting could be for any clarification you require, or assistance in obtaining any information you feel you still need.

You may also email me at any time throughout your pregnancy and postpartum with questions, concerns, the need to vent, anything – I am available 24 hours a day!

Constant Support throughout Labor & Birth

I would like you to call me as soon as you feel you may be in labor. At this point I can come to you immediately, or you can choose to begin with your partner until things start moving along further. You may then call me when contractions are intense and frequent. I will either meet you at home before leaving to the hospital, or your birth location; hospital, home or birth centre. I will remain with you throughout the entire labor, birth, and for how ever long you would like me to stay postpartum. If you choose to breastfeed, I am qualified to assist with those first crucial hours of bonding and nursing.

1-2 Postpartum Visits

There is no set time for this meeting as I want to allow you to adjust and bond with your new addition! When you are ready I will visit you at home, where we will discuss your birth, go over any clarification or questions you may have about your birth, further help with breastfeeding if you would like it. 

Lactation Counselling

In our two postpartum visits, I will also utilize this time as your lactation consult and assessment. This service is included in my birth doula fee.

Birth Notes

I will provide you with notes and a timeline regarding your labor and birth at our postpartum meeting as a memento for you to keep!

Postpartum services available soon….