I have successfully completed the Healthy Children's Certified Lactation Counsellor (CLC) course and am very excited to offer professional breastfeeding support to families! This service is perfect for:

- Pregnant Mom's looking to obtain personal guidance on how to prepare for breastfeeding and getting the process off to the best start

- New Momma's who would like assistance with baby as soon as he/she is born. Or mom's who are struggling with breastfeeding and would like one on one support.

- Mom's who have met their breastfeeding goals and would like information on best weaning practices, and/or proper formula preparation.

What's included?

A 2-3 hour consultation in the privacy of your home. I expect this meeting to take 2-3 hours because we will review your pregnancy, birth, ant questions and concerns you have, as well as my assessment on your latch. Depending on the age of baby, sleep time is incorporated into this estimated time. I will follow up with you via phone 24 hours after our meeting, and again 1 week after our initial meeting. If at any point you would like a second meeting to further assess, an additional $100.00 will be added to the fee.


$225.00 includes the first 2-3 hour meeting, and a second 1 hour meeting 2-3 days following, as well as the 2 follow ups.