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Your Edmonton Resource for Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding, and Postpartum. 

Are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed with your pregnancy and all the options you have? Do you wonder how your partner will support you in labour? Do you want to learn how to cope with labour pain?

Having a dedicated doula can ease your fears by providing education, reassurance and support. You and your partner will be provided with the tools to best manage your mindset, cope through the surges, navigate the birthing environment, advocate for yourselves and take charge of your birth! Can you imagine feeling excited and prepared for your birth? This is where we can help.

Village brings a holistic, mindful approach to our services, while providing evidence and a bit of fun!

From the basics of creating your customized birth preferences, demonstrating labouring & birthing positions, discussing potential interventions and how to navigate your way through those, to practicing mindfulness and mindset activities, educating your birth partner on how to best support you on your birth day, learning how to control the controllables, and best cope through your labour not just physically, but mentally too; we are there  nurture you from pregnancy, to labour, to birth, and into postpartum. 



Essentials Package
Entire Village Package
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Sarah Higgs, CD(Matrona), CLC, GBE


When I first starting thinking about pursuing birth work as a career, I always knew I wanted to go in the route of "village". The phrase "It takes a village", I think says enough in itself, but I am also attracted to it because of the tribal feel. To me, it calls for community, simplicity, and a type of earthiness. I wanted to, in one short design express my desire to help bring birth back to the basics, assisting the woman to do what she feels is instinctively best, in her most comfortable setting, with the people she loves most, supporting and comforting her, in her beautiful transition from maiden to mother. By focusing not only on the physical component of labour, but the mental too, I want to help women have a positive birth experience, the way they define it.

Sarah is a Certified Holistic Doula CD(Matrona), Certified GentleBirth Instructor, sits on the executive board of the Doula Association of Edmonton, is a member of ASAC (Association of Safe Alternatives in Childbirth), has completed advanced training in rebozo work, peanut ball advanced training, and is also a Certified Lactation Counsellor (CLC), certified by the Academy of Lactation Policy & Practice.


Upon hiring, you will invest three payments of $316.66 for the Essentials Package or

$416.66 for the Entire Village Package, made by 36 weeks. 

So, you're what? Call us, let us be your village!

Our ultimate goal is to support each family in achieving a positive birth. We know not all birth goes as hoped, but with the right mindset, ability to control the controllables, and harnessing the power to cope with everything else, makes all the difference in your birthing experience.

We do not promise a birth outcome, but birth experiences matter, and we strive to support each family in a positive birth experience. We are passionate about a woman's strength, and raising the woman to release that strength in one of the most transformative times in their lives. 

Village Doula Services serve Edmonton, Sherwood Park and surrounding area families in their journey to parenthood and beyond.