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GentleBirth Education

GentleBirth combines brain science, birth science and technology to empower your positive birth through preparation.

Mental Preparation

Building confidence in your mental and emotional resilience is learned and improves with instruction and practice.

Physical Comfort Measures

Learning advanced comfort measures and having a full toolkit of strategies is important for you and your partner.

Navigating Your Options

Understanding your options for navigating your birth preferences allows you to feel calm and in control.

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​This one-day comprehensive workshop will equip you with:

  • Brain Training Techniques for Birth

  • Specific Birth Partner Role

  • Practical Tools for Labour

  • Ongoing support

  • Physiology of the normal birth process

  • Advanced comfort measures for birth

  • Active Birth techniques

  • Breathing techniques

  • Sports psychology techniques

  • What happens when you go to the hospital

  • Fear vs relaxation during birth

  • Mindfulness training


Investment: $250.00/couple non-doula clients

                      $200.00/couple doula clients

Private Class: $175.00

Do You Want To Be As Prepared As Possible for Your Birth?

Imagine combining the only Spinning Babies Parent Educator Program, and the only GentleBirth Educator program in the city to make one, comprehensive, activity filled, and fun childbirth education class! 

This comprehensive, 6 hour workshop is the only of it's kind in the Edmonton area. We combined the only Certified Spinning Babies Parent Educator, and the only GentleBirth Educator in the city to make this well-rounded, interactive class.

Be prepared to participate and learn all about 

- the physiology and movement of pregnancy and birth

- mental preparation

- building the right mindset

- how to navigate your birth room

- how to advocate for yourself 

- potential interventions and medications offered

- coping techniques and breastfeeding taught by Sarah (CLC)

 -how to best balance your body for birth taught by Milly (Spinning Babies)

Learn more about Spinning Babies and Milly Friedman SpBCPE here