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February 23, 2018

February 7, 2018

December 11, 2017

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March 14, 2018

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Look Out Vlog World!

February 7, 2018

I recently attended a marketing workshop hosted by Tad Hargraves, called Marketing for Hippies - you ABSOLUTELY need to attend this or any of his workshops if you are a green-minded local business owner. It was such a great workshop.

I learnt a lot about where I see my business growing. For me, becoming a doula isn't just about supporting each individual woman, but it's about trying to make a change in our community as a whole. We collectively as mother's deserve more accessible support and a sense of community!

I have always kind of struggled with how to get myself involved in the community, and with how to really showcase who I am within the doula and birth community. This workshop really brought that out in me.

Village Doula Services is based from my love for a woman's strength! We are bad-ass, super women and supporting women to have the confidence to let that bad-ass shine through is exactly why I do this. Being a doula is so much more than just birth, it has roots deep inside our emotional and mental selves. Roots that I hope to encourage woman to bring to life. 

So, bare with me readers! I have taken a shot in the YouTube, video-making world, and there's no intention to slow down! My first few video's will be a bit raw, and rough around the edges, but I am looking forward to see them evolve, and more importantly, hopefully see the community of women and of parents evolve around me! Let's come together, talk when we need to talk, vent when we need to vent, ask questions you want answered! I am available, and SO looking forward to this new journey in my business.

If you have any topics in mind you would like to start a discussion about, contact me! And share to your friends! The bigger the community we can build, the stronger and closer we become!


Thanks for reading, and thanks for baring with me in these beginning stages of video-making! <3