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February 23, 2018

February 7, 2018

December 11, 2017

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BOGO DOULAS! - Do you know what Shared Care means?

March 14, 2018

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BOGO DOULAS! - Do you know what Shared Care means?

March 14, 2018

Cara and I have discussed joining our business's together for months, but it wasn't until a recent dinner date that we finally made the merge. We are ecstatic about this partnership and truly feel we will be able to support our families better as a team.

Cara had this amazing idea to call ourselves BOGO! Buy one doula, get one doula free! Its cute, it's funny, and best of all, its 100% true. For the investment to hire one doula, you are now receiving two! 


Shared care is a relatively new concept in our community, there are only a few doula groups who offer this type of care so we have been receiving many questions about what exactly this means to our clients!

Essentially, both Cara and I will be at every consultation, every prenatal visit, every postpartum visit, and be on call for you throughout our journey together. This way, all families are able to meet and get to know both of us equally. By having two doula's, two brains, and two hearts, we can also provide a deeper level of education, connection, and interaction at all prenatal's. All of our clients will be invited to a group chat with Cara and I. This means any time our mom's have a quick question or concern, you have our attention immediately and although only one doula will respond (the other may chime in to support), both doula's will always have all correspondence from Mom. 


Birth work is so rewarding, and it is a job that Cara and I love wholeheartedly. This is our dream career, however it is also a career with a high burn out rate because of the high emotional and physical demands. Being on call and running to births in the middle of